Berkut Minerals listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in September 2016.

The Company recently acquired 100% of three highly prospective cobalt projects in Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavian Projects Summary

  • Skuterud, Norway
  • Gladhammar and Tunaberg, Sweden

The Scandinavian Projects are well located with excellent infrastructure and proximity to an operating cobalt refinery and are well placed to benefit from growing demand for ethically sourced cobalt.

Australian Projects Summary
In addition to the recent Scandinavian Cobalt Projects, Berkut Minerals maintains an Australian portfolio of tenements prospective for gold at the Cairn Hill Gold Project, for lithium in the Little Sandy Desert of Western Australia, being the Capricorn Lithium Project and two tenements prospective for gold and base metals mineralisation in the Ashburton mineral field of Western Australia, being the Mt Clement Gold Project.

The Company’s Australian portfolio consist of the following tenements:

  • Cairn Hill Gold Project E08/2248;
  • Mt Clement Gold Project E08/2848 (application) and E08/2844 (application); and
  • Capricorn Lithium Project E69/3435 (application).

Location of the Company’s Scandinavian Projects

20170424 03 Cobalt (No Lainejaur)